“There should be therapy for people who apply on USAJobs.”



USAJobs is not for the faint of heart. Check out our Instagram Story on crowdsourced tips on how to navigate the federal gov’s job platform.

Career Matching

If you’re having trouble finding work due to COVID-19, use this form to receive an email with a database of volunteers that can help you find employment.

If you are a recruiter, career counselor, or an experienced professional who can offer support on a volunteer basis, use this form. You can always opt out of the database by sending us an email.

How it works: Job seekers will sign up to receive a periodic email with a database of volunteer mentors, recruiters, etc. If there is interest from a job seeker to connect with a volunteer, we will put you in touch privately.

Note: we will be prioritizing job seekers who have lost their jobs or in temp roles during COVID-19. Please do not apply if you’re currently employed.

How did an overheard account get into career matching, you ask? We know COVID-19 has had a gut-wrenching impact on our city, closing businesses and eliminating jobs for District residents. After receiving an overheard submission of a man panhandling his resume on a street corner in Arlington, we wanted to see if we can connect jobseekers with opportunities and leads from our community.

We asked individuals who lost their jobs during COVID-19 to send us their CVs, which we reposted on our Instagram story (blurring out names and identifying information). We received an overwhelming volume of responses from our community wanting to help – offering informational interviews, sharing job postings, recruitment help, etc. It took us 3 days to organize all our DMs and opportunities!

The feedback was incredible — with job matches later confirmed through connections made on our page. We want to keep the community connected and share resources where we are able.

Washingtonian Problems also shares profiles of professionals interested in providing mentorship. Click here to be featured on their platform.