Our Story.

In early 2017, we noticed there wasn’t a page dedicated to posting regular and consistent overheard submissions from DC — like we’ve seen for other big cities. The DC overheard pages (like the DCist column and @overhearddc on Instagram) were not posting frequently or were inactive. After sharing a few hilarious eavesdropped conversations amongst friends, we knew we had to share and start a page dedicated to overheards in DC. Shortly thereafter, Overheard District was created and launched on Instagram in October 2017.

The account began gaining momentum in 2019 when we hit 5 digit followers, and took off in 2020 when we were able to dedicate more time (during COVID-19 quarantine) to post daily content and engage more meaningfully with our community.

Our page has expanded beyond just posting Overheards to sharing more user-submitted content. Overseens — unusual sightings in the District, Q&A’s — audience responses to questions asked by the admin, and Encounters — stories from our audience of encounters with DC ‘celebs’ have become regular series on our page. We’ve launched many more Instagram Story series about life in the District and collected a handful of helpful resources for our community along the way.

We also developed a Twitter page, Facebook page, and in true 2020 form, drum roll please… a TikTok account. In 2021, we’re thrilled to launch District Connected — a page to bring all your stories and submissions, and all the community resources we’ve collected over the years, in one place.

Despite all that we’ve witnessed together in 2020, it’s been an extremely incredible and humbling experience to see this community grow to where it is today. Thank you for being a part of this family.

Note: Another account was created last year sharing DC overheard content in the likeness of our page — we are not affiliated. To date, we have not launched any offshoots of our account on social media, nor do we have any backup accounts.